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Commencement Speaker

Graduation is a day that graduates and their families will remember for the rest of their lives.

This is your opportunity to provide a memorable experience that will propel graduates forward in their next great chapter.

Graduation Ceremony

Dreaming Big.

Let's be honest, people don't attend graduations for the speaker, which makes it all the more important that your graduation speaker understands the moment but also, doesn't waste it.


Graduation is the final lesson to graduates that can leave a lasting impression as they begin the next great chapter in their lives.


Nolan Nichols specializes in encouraging graduates to dream big, overcome challenges, and live without fear.

It's exactly the message your graduates need to hear and with the inspiration & enthusiasm that this moment needs.


It's time to inspire your graduates to dream big


Why Nolan?

Nolan Nichols is a dynamic speaker and content producer that blends the ultimate mix of engaging stories, practical tools and authentic conversations.

A 2010 graduate of a two-stoplight, small town high school in Virginia, he has helped some of the biggest brands tell their story, such as Disney Parks, Delta Air Lines, and Carnival Cruise Line.

The former Vice President of Corporate Communications for Fox and BMG Music recently said:


"Nolan has an extraordinary ability to center on the emotional heart while constructing well-paced stories... Even more important, he has an innate understanding of what will connect with the audience."

Nolan also lead a student internship program while working for Virginia Tech Athletics where he learned how to propel the next generation forward in their careers and life.

Today, Nolan is using his storytelling ability, managerial experience, and leadership studies in a memorable and innovative way by leading an organization called A Million Dreams.

Nolan is the ideal person to speak at your graduation as he shares his wisdom & experience of following dreams in the years after graduation.

In addition to speaking at conferences and businesses, Nolan speaks regularly at high schools & colleges, and continues to have a good pulse on what students need to hear for the stage of life they are in.

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