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Speaking Topics 

A range of keynotes to choose from that will be uniquely personalized for your event, organization and audience.

Win from Within: 5 Mindset Power-Ups

Although it may seem counterintuitive, airplanes take off against the wind and actually conserves fuel when flying against it because of the lift the headwinds provide.

Such can be true in life.

This keynote will demonstrate how headwinds can be transformed into a powerful force that lifts your life up instead of holding it down. And how our personal and professional wellbeing intersects with the culture, mission and values of the organizations we work in. 

Leading in the Workplace of Tomorrow

Leadership is founded on enduring principles, but the methods used to be an effective leader evolve and adapt with each workplace revolution. 

This keynote will explain how to be the leader that wins and retains the battle of talent in today's workforce.

Elevating Your Life

It's easy to become so fixated on problem-solving that we overlook opportunities to create extraordinary moments in life.

This keynote will challenge audiences to break free from the fixation on fixing problems and start focusing on elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Discovering Your Dream

The pursuit of our dreams can be a transformative journey, giving our lives both purpose and meaning. 

This keynote will provide you with practical tools to discover your dreams, both big and small, and empower your to harness the power of a dream to elevate your personal and professional wellbeing.

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