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Speaking Topics 

A range of keynotes to choose from that will be uniquely personalized for your event, organization and audience.

Win from Within: 5 Mindset Power-Ups

The workplace where our personal lives and professional lives come together, and often times when challenges arise, it effects us in both areas of our lives.


  • Learn 5 practical strategies for team members to unleash their full potential amongst adversity and challenges that life throws their way in their personal and professional lives.

  • Develop a deeper connection to their job, organization and each other.


- Setting a positive tone for employees within your organization

- Creating a moment to reignite motivation within your employees and create deeper connections

Next Generation Leader:  Keeping Top Talent

Studies are increasingly showing that the workforce shortage is not going to improve in the near future, and the battle to retain and attract top talent is going to be a long-term battle. But even amongst this challenge, there are great opportunities for organizations to seize on.


  • Learn strategies & tactics to connect with team members & employees in a new way to synchronize their unique personal aspirations to the organizational mission.

  • Learn how to create moments within your organization to renew purpose, motivation and wellbeing amongst your organization.

  • Develop new leadership tactics to lead, attract and retain the next generation of talent entering the workforce.


- Professional development & leadership sessions

- Conference keynotes

Living Life Like a Traveler:  Building Peaks

When we're on a vacation, we cherish the memories and bright moments of each trip, and not focus on the minute-by-minute score. But when we live life, we focus on the minute-by-minute score instead of creating moments worth cherishing.


  • Teach the power of living every day like a traveler-- building peaks and creating more positive moments in their lives that will elevate personal and professional wellbeing.

  • Develop practical strategies and tactics for elevating their overall wellbeing that will increase workplace motivation and a sense of purpose.  


- Uplifting & fun keynote or workshop that can apply for all staff and manager levels across your organization

(re)Discovering Your Dream:  Life's Crossroads

When you're at a major crossroads in life, it's hard to figure out what's next.​


Provide attendees with practical tools to discover your dreams, both big and small, and empower your to harness the power of a dream to elevate your personal and professional wellbeing.


- Graduation / Commencement Address

- College lectures and career services programming

- Audiences that want a fresh start or a new way of looking at things

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