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A range of keynotes & workshops to choose from that will be uniquely personalized for your event, organization and audience.

Win from Within: 5 Mindset Changes that Help us Build Resilient and Incredible Teams

The world today is faced with more headwinds than it ever has experienced in recent past with changing markets, rapid technological innovations and obstacles that the world is only just now starting to navigate, and they seem to be popping up left, right and center. What if there was a system that allowed us to meet at the intersection of our personal and professional lives to not only tackle these headwinds face-first but to pierce through them and discover exactly what it takes to live our best lives as individuals so that we can create the most productive, efficient, engaged, and psychologically-safe teams along the way? Nolan Nichols has the system that can teach us exactly how to do just that.

By understanding the foundation of five practical mindset changes, education leader and go-to source for wellness and resilience insights, Nolan Nichols, has built an undeniable and proven framework that allows us to find purpose in our day, joy in the journey, build day tight compartments, invest in relationships, and achieve & build peaks we never thought we could summit before. This interactive, engaging and actionable talk is perfect for those who are looking to bring their full selves to the workforce and find harmony and productivity in the people that they're working with every single day.

If we can live these five practical mindset changes, only then will we be able to tackle the headwinds face-first and not find resistance, but instead, discover the lift we need to get us to where we're going next, together.

Attendees will:

  • Learn practical ways to enhance and unite purpose individually and across the team

  • Uncover unique and proven perspectives that help us sustain motivation and inspiration

  • Unlock the key to build stronger connections in and outside of work

  • Discover the power of slowing down to truly speed up

  • Develop how to shift perspective to enhance resilience

Shifting Your HOW to Create More Moments of WOW

Life shouldn't just be about surviving but thriving. And it's easy to keep doing what has always worked, but often times, doing what you've always done will not take you to places you've never been. After all, it's risky to try something new and the fear of failure can often paralyze us from making the changes that need to be made. But how do we break through the fear of failure to reach the other side of the breakthrough of a new idea and a new way of doing things? And how do we make sure that we are succeeding at the things that truly matter? In other words, how do we make sure that we just aren't climbing the ladder but it's also leaning against the right wall? Nolan Nichols has something new to teach us.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and perspective change in this captivating keynote, where we will delve into the art of infusing more moments of wonder and celebration into our lives. Discover the profound impact of heightened self-awareness, learn strategies to build more peaks into our lives, and explore the subtle yet potent shifts in our daily habits that pave the way for elevated moments of joy and fulfillment. Join us as we unleash strategies to elevate our wellbeing through the magic of wonder, celebration, and conscious living.

If we can stretch our minds in a new way, we can lead our teams like never before and soar to even greater heights.

Attendees will:

  • Uncover unique and proven perspectives that help us sustain motivation and inspiration

  • Learn practical ways to unlock a life of wellness through Planning, Posturing and Planning
  • Unlock the key of small actions played out over time that creates an effective culture

Overcoming the Things that Hold Us Back

Our world can sometimes feel like a constant avalanche of setbacks - feeling like we take one step forward one day and two steps backwards the next. The headwinds and challenges can have our teams feeling exhausted, drained or even burned out. This can come in the form of Low Mood & Motivation, Emotional Pain & Grief, Self Doubt & Fear, or Stress. And often times, it can be a combination of those factors which just increases the weight we feel on our lives. 

But what if it didn't have to be this way? Just like how an airplane uses less fuel and is more efficient when taking off against the wind, what if the headwinds in our lives actually brought us higher instead of bringing us down? Nolan Nichols has crafted a system to turn the headwinds into moments of lift & elevation in our lives by tackling the headwinds thrown our way head-on. We don't have to feel like the challenges in our industry, organizations and personal lives have to bring us down - we can thrive not in-spite of the challenges but because of them.

By taking inventory of what's holding us back, we can unleash the power that the headwinds bring.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how to lead their teams and organizations through challenging circumstances

  • Uncover new perspectives of the hidden power of headwinds

  • Reflect upon the strongest headwinds in their teams, organizations and personal lives, and what we have control over in our response 

  • Discover the power of zooming-out and seeing the bigger picture so that we don't miss out on what we should be seeing

  • Develop a new lens to view challenging moments in our lives and teams

(re)Discovering Your Dream:  Life's Crossroads

There's so much pressure in society to find the perfect job that checks all the boxes and brings ultimate fulfillment. And when this doesn't happen - which is often the case - it leaves us feeling like something just isn't right, and we can't fully enjoy the life in front of us. Life can sometimes feel like a crossroads, forcing you to make a decision of which way to turn while not knowing which direction you should be heading in.

What if there is a new way to view what the term "Dream Job" really means? What if it's ok if you don't know what your dream is or what you want to do? Nolan Nichols has harnessed the power of using uncertainty to usher-in comfort, clarity and the belief that anything is possible. Sometimes your Dream Job is a job, and other times, your Dream Job is a job that enables you to live your dream.

Nolan helps audiences unpack how to develop a vision & dream bigger than themselves, and how to pursue that dream without falling into the comparison trap of what it seems like the world around you is doing, or seems to be doing.

Attendees will:

  • Redefine what our relationship to our professional careers should be like and how that answer is unique to each & every person

  • Discover the power of living life as a journey and not as a race to get to the destination

  • Uncover passions, dreams and visions within their own lives that can fuel them for the journey forward

  • Reflect upon the values and principles that will equip us for the journey forward

  • Develop resilience to see uncertainty as possibility


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