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Senior Director, Talent Acquisition and Management,
Carnival Cruise Line


"Participants really enjoyed his keynote.  In fact, he received a 9.4 average rating from them in our feedback survey. 


Personally, I appreciated Nolan’s friendliness, professionalism, and willingness to customize the content.  We are looking forward to having Nolan back soon."


Vice President of Sales,
Caesars Entertainment Meetings and Events 


“Nolan was able to craft a customized presentation. . .  He was a visionary, and his presentation style resonated with our team.


We look forward to many more opportunities in the future to work with Nolan.”


Former Chief Global Sales Officer, Marriott

“Despite my decades of business leadership, I learn something new every time.

Nolan has the unique ability to share life’s important lessons in an engaging, story-filled way that captures the imagination and motivates people to elevate their personal success."


Principal, DEP Communications

"Nolan is superb. He immediately engages his audience and uses humor and outstanding storytelling to illustrate key ways everyone can elevate themselves and strengthen the entire organization.


It's among the most inspiring and impactful presentations I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them over four decades leading communications in politics, entertainment and travel. I’m recommending him to everyone I know."


Conference Planner, FOCUS

"Nolan's keynote was a huge success. Not only did it provide thought provoking questions for the audience, but also provided a much needed escape from the every day work load we all face.


The session generated conversations among the FOCUS representatives even after the presentation was over. Nolan’s insight into what keeps us balanced was very in-dept. His style kept the presentation alive and exciting."


From the Audience...

 "I have to say it was the most uplifting part of the day and easily the most memorable."

"Nolan's talk was exactly what everyone in the room needed."

"His attitude and smile brought the room together. The team is stronger and more resolute after his visit."

“Very interesting presentation, really taught me to see things from a different perspective”


"A much-needed brain reset and taught me too look at my life/work balance in a new way”


“Extremely thought provoking, wish we had a longer segment for this”


“Would love to have Nolan speak to us again”

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