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Meet  Nolan


Nolan's Bio

Nolan Nichols is a dynamic Fortune-500 speaker, a soon-to-be-author, and the founder of an organization called A Million Dreams, which guides leaders through building resilient, inspiring and incredible teams.


Currently residing in Washington, D.C., Nolan integrates his award-winning storytelling skills, masters degree in education, personal research of reading 50 books per year, and extensive leadership skills into a groundbreaking approach to enhance wellbeing, foster a spirit of resilience, enrich organizational culture and introduce a more effective way to lead & live in today’s workplace environment.


Nolan has honed his ability to develop innovative and thought-provoking content that is practical, informative, and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.


Nolan's Story

Nolan spent his childhood in a 2-stoplight town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where he was known for his boundless imagination at a young age. 


Despite his love for sports, Nolan never excelled on the basketball court. However, his high school varsity basketball coach recognized his talent for videography and offered him a unique opportunity - to film the games and travel with the team. This experience sparked a new dream within Nolan, to attend his favorite childhood university, Virginia Tech, and join the filming team for the Hokies football program.


After years of hard work, Nolan achieved his dream and was awarded a full scholarship to join the Virginia Tech athletics video department. He pursued a degree in Multimedia Journalism and later went on to earn his masters in education while managing a team of over 70 students as a content producer in partnership with Virginia Tech and ESPN's ACC Network.


Although Nolan had found his dream job at Virginia Tech, his passion for storytelling led him to pursue a new opportunity at U.S. Travel Association, the leading voice for America's travel agency. There he pioneered the beginning of their first-ever in-house video department and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the travel industry, including Disney Parks, Delta Air Lines, and Carnival Cruise Lines.


Today, Nolan draws from his experiences leading and motivating teams, as well as his expertise in storytelling, to help organizations cultivate a culture of dreaming big that keeps employees more connected to each other & the organizations they work for through Nolan sharing his knowledge of how to lead at the intersection of personal & professional wellbeing.

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